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.AU Domain

Regulations to be followed while Registering/Renewing .AU Domain Names

.AU domain names are only available for registration to Australian entities or companies incorporated in Australia.

.AU domain names use the following 4 Contacts itself:

  1. Registrant Contact
  2. Administrative Contact
  3. Technical Contact
  4. Billing Contact

The following additional contact related information about the Registrant is required before registering a .AU domain

Eligibility Criteria: You need to provide the type of entity that is applying for the .AU domain name from one of the following categories.

  • Commercial Statutory Body
  • Company
  • Incorporated Association
  • Partnership
  • Pending TM Owner
  • Political Party
  • Registered Business
  • Sole Trader
  • Trademark Owner

Eligibility Type: You need to provide one of the following eligibility ID types:

  • Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Victoria Business Number (VIC BN)
  • New South Wales Business Number (NSW BN)
  • South Australia Business Number (SA BN)
  • Northern Territory Business Number (NT BN)
  • Western Australia Business Number (WA BN)
  • Tasmania Business Number (TAS BN)
  • Australian Capital Territory Business Number (ACT BN)
  • Queensland Business Number (QLD BN)
  • Trademark (TM)

Registration Name: Depending upon your Eligibility category, your Registration Name may either be the Registrant's name or company name.

Eligibility Reason: Provide one of the following options to indicate how you are related to the Registration name you wish to register:

  • Domain name is an Exact Match Abbreviation or Acronym of your Entity or Trading Name.
  • Close and substantial connection between the domain name and the operations of your Entity.


.AU Contacts do not support accented characters.

.AU domain names do not support our Privacy Protection feature. However, the .AU Registry does not display Street Adress, Telephone and Fax numbers of the Registrant Contact in Whois Lookups.

Name Servers and Child Name Servers related Rules

  • Each .AU domain name needs to have at least 2 Name Servers and may have upto 13 Name Servers.
  • There is no limitation on the number of Child Name Servers you can create.
  • You may associate upto 13 IP Address per Child Name Server.
  • You may associate IPv6 Address in Child Name Servers.
  • While you may modify a Name Server, you can not modify a Child Name Server. You may instead delete the existing Child Name Server and add another one.

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