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.CA Domain

.CA Domain Rules & Requirements

The following policies are applicable for .CA domain names:

  • Registering a .CA domain name requires the Registrant to contract with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and agree to the latest version of CIRA's Registrant Agreement.
  • We provide 2nd Level Domain Registration services under .CA.
  • Accented character usage is supported in the case of creating/editing the following fields in .CA Contacts: Name, Company Name, Address, City, State. All UTF-8 characters are supported in these fields. The State fields will accept Accented characters only if the Country is not in the United States or Canada.
  • .CA domain names do not support Privacy Protection feature. However, a .CA Registrant who has indicated that he/she is an Individual has the option to hide their Contact Details in the Whois Lookup results of their .CA domain name.
  • A .CA domain name will not have any Money Back Grace Period.
  • To Transfer your .CA domain name to us, you need to only provide your Domain Transfer Secret / Authorization Key. Once we get confirmation from the Registry that the Domain Transfer Secret / Authorization Key is accurate, the domain name is instantly transferred without the need of receiving additional confirmation from the Registrant / Administrative Contact, via email or FAX.
  • A Registrant Contact can be either an Individual or a Company. Administrative and Technical Contacts can only be Individuals. There is no Billing Contact in a .CA domain name.
  • The .CA Registry validates what information is specified in the Name field of any .CA Contact. List of Valid Contact Names for both Individuals and Company Names (Non-Individual)
  • There is a 60 day Transfer Lock upon both Registration as well as Transfer of a .CA domain name.
  • You can not modify the Registrant Contact's Name of a .CA domain name. If you wish to modify the Registrant Contact details of your .CA domain name, you need to instead create a new Contact and assign it as the Registrant Contact.
  • Upon assigning a new Registrant for a .CA domain name, you need to: agree to the latest version of the .CA Registry's Registrant Agreement. You also need to select which Canadian Presence Requirement Category the Registrant belongs to:
    Description Registrant Type
    Canadian citizen Individual
    Permanent Resident of Canada Individual
    Aboriginal Peoples (individuals or groups) indigenous to Canada Individual
    Legal Representative of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Individual
    Corporation (Canada or Canadian province or territory) Company (Non-Individual)
    Government or government entity in Canada Company (Non-Individual)
    Canadian Educational institution Company (Non-Individual)
    Canadian Unincorporated Association Company (Non-Individual)
    Canadian Hospital Company (Non-Individual)
    Partnership Registered in Canada Company (Non-Individual)
    Trade-mark registered in Canada (by a non-Canadian owner) Company (Non-Individual)
    Canadian Trade union Company (Non-Individual)
    Canadian Political party Company (Non-Individual)
    Canadian Library, Archive or Museum Company (Non-Individual)
    Trust established in Canada Company (Non-Individual)
    Indian Band recognized by the Indian Act of Canada Company (Non-Individual)
    Official mark registered in Canada Company (Non-Individual)
    Her Majesty the Queen Company (Non-Individual)
  • Upon Registration and Transfer of a .CA domain name, you can not set another Registrant Contact for the same domain name until 60 days have elapsed. Similarly, upon assigning a new Registrant for a .CA domain name, you can not set another Registrant Contact for the same domain name until 60 days have elapsed.
  • Bulk Registration, Bulk Transfer, Bulk Lock / Unlock, Bulk Suspend / Unsuspend, Bulk Privacy Protection and Bulk Modify features are not supported for .CA domain names.

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